So not into researching footer sections right now.

— 1 year ago
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Onward and upward

I just want someone to plant a kiss on me on New Year’s Eve, just to break the spell, you know?

— 1 year ago
It’s like my mother said…

So I get all these notes on my online profile, saying I’m cute or whatever, to email them back. So I have, twice, chatted them up a bit. Then….radio silence.

My mom always said to me and my sister that we looked cute and sweet…then we started talking. I don’t think she was being mean about it, just that we had definite personalities.

I hope they’re not bad ones.

— 1 year ago
#but i just think im funny but maybe im not. 

Off to the vet again. We know where that Christmas bonus is goin.

— 1 year ago
#i didnt know dogs went to the vet so much!! 

I hate it that I have to sleep or eat. Slows my roll….

— 1 year ago
#too much to do!!! 
This dream is so much better!

I was out and about and saw Joseph Gordon-Levitt. We took a photo and I got his autograph, and we chatted.

Then he was boyfriend for the next three hours, and we held hands and walked around and he kissed me.

Then he had to go back to work of being a superstar and left.

— 1 year ago
#it was really nice  #joseph gordon-levitt  #strange dreams 

…..just want to climb back in to bed and watch Shrek…….

— 1 year ago